AWS: Evaluating the main categories

Evaluating the main categories in AWS.

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What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services or AWS as it’s commonly known in the tech industry is the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform. It provides hundreds of unique services which are all cloud-based, ranging from databases to virtual servers.

The various categories of services on AWS

AWS offers many categories of services which it offers to its customers, but the majority of services can be split up into the following categories, which are:

be split up into the following categories, which are:


In cloud computing “compute” describes all of the concepts that are related to the computation of software in all forms. Hence, it refers to all of the resources, such as processing power and memory that will be required for this computation.

A typical example would be a software application that requires a lot of CPU and RAM in-order to function correctly. Such an application would be known as a compute-intensive application, since it will utilize a lot of these resources.

Some services in Compute:

  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Fargate

Storage and content delivery

When it comes to files and images, it is important to find a safe and reliable place to store it. It is also imperative that you manage your content well and see that it is delivered to your users as efficiently as possible, and with the correct parameters.

Some services in Storage and content delivery:

  • AWS S3 Simple Storage Service
  • AWS CloudFront


Whenever you enter information on the internet, your data gets sent to a database. A database is where all of your data as well as everyone else’s data is housed. See it as a large warehouse.

Some services in Database:

  • AWS Elastic Cache
  • AWS DynanoDB


Networking in the cloud will allow users to broaden their cloud infrastructure, scale-up workloads and can even allow connections between physical networks and virtual networks in the cloud.

Some services in Networking:

  • AWS Route53
  • AWS Global Accelerator


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